On Saturday, February 18th, 2017 the AASEW sponsored yet another successful Landlord Boot Camp. We had over 110 attendees that took the time out of their busy schedules to learn about landlord-tenant law in Wisconsin and best practices in property manages.  The AASEW would like to thank all attendees who participated.

Our warmest thanks to the sponsors who does not seize to support us. 

We are already setting up for the next Boot Camp and it will be posted as soon as we finish up some details, we also decided to have as much as 100+ attendees so we could refrain from turning down people.  So please do register as early as now to have your spot on the seminar. 







The Boot Camp was great as always. Tristan was clear, open and honest, blunt and irreverent. That is what I like. Keep up the good stuff. – Glen Schmeig ( Landlord )

 I was a first time attendant as a leasing agent for a third part property manager. I found the information hugely helpful and think anyone who is actively leasing or landlording should attend this Boot Camp. (Unless you really like litigation.) Thanks for all of the info!
– Lindsay Czisny ( REIS Property Management )

The boot camp was very informative and worth my time on such a beautiful day! Tristan was very thorough with his explanations and answers to our questions. The venue was nice. The lunch was great. And the Boot Camp manual will follow me until the next one! Thank you! – Tanika Allen ( Friends of Housing
Leasing Agent )

” I loved the Bootcamp! I use the Manual we were given frequently and I will probably attend again.” – Linda Hyde

“The AASEW’s Landlord Bootcamp has been a requirement for my managers. Many of them have attended multiple times… and it is mandatory for new managers and office staff. It is a valuable educational opportunity and Tristan is truly the best! He “gets it” and most instructors don’t.” –Susan Ipsarides (Portfolio Manater for Greywolf Partners, Inc.)

” Great presentation! very applicable and information-ally detailed! I have a list of 20 things (some small, some big) I will be putting into practice as a result of the seminar to protect me legally or improve operations.”  – Erik Jung

“I thought the seminar content/format was great! The information presented was relevant and it was obvious that Tristen was well versed on all topics. 

· Need an index for the binder. Definitely do not get rid of the binder in lieu of flash drives.
· You need to rent a larger facility for that many people.
· There wasn’t enough room for four people at that size table (three max) and there wasn’t enough room in between the tables to comfortably get in and out.”  — Matt Rescorla 


Great Serminar! Very informative. Tristan is straightforward. We just started using Tristan as our Attorney in the past few months and I really appreciate Tristan. Since being with his company, it feels like we have a partner that we can lean on to guide us and assist whenever we need him.”
Thank you kindly on behalf of Morgenson Realty Co. Inc.
— Darla Demers
“The Landlord Boot Camp was an extremely valuable use of my time as a landlord. The large binder full of important information that is clearly explained was worth the price of admission. The topics were useful and the updates on law changes were very important. Tristan Pettit’s delivery was a mix of straightforward information and a good dose of humor. Extremely well organized. Anyone who is planning to be or already is a landlord NEEDS to attend a Boot Camp”
— Betsy Thatcher

“All I can say is wow!  As much as I have been around the apartment association and all of the landlord training I have taught, you would think that I would be on top of things.  But after going to AASEW’s Landlord Boot Camp taught by Atty. Tristan Pettit, I find myself coming home and thinking I need to review our procedures.

The rental housing industry is a living breathing thing and the environment is always changing.  Landlords need to stay up on new laws and actions involving Landlord-Tenant issues.

Boot Camp was intense but well worth the time” —Dale Hicks – President of Wisconsin Apartment Association

“Landlord Boot Camp was great.  I’ll be honest, I was reluctant to give up an entire Saturday for this, but I came away with so much helpful information that I now am very glad I gave up a Saturday.  It was well worth it.  The lunch was great and  Atty. Tristan Pettit did a great job of walking us through topics that are relevant to those who are landlords or property managers.  The binder is incredible – so much useful information in there.  Landlord Boot Camp was worth my time and money.”  — Rachel Lallensack-S&R Management, LLC

Thank you so much to Atty Pettit for doing the landlord boot camp. He takes a subject that could be very dry and makes it interesting and pertinent for the landlord.  He is an expert in the field.  The handout (book) is awesome and a very valuable resource.  All of us in SE WI are very fortunate to have him to learn from and to advocate for us on legislation.  Thank you for your service!

I found the Landlord Boot Camp to be extremely valuable to me, particularly from a legal standpoint and protecting myself and my business from unnecessary lawsuits.  It incorporated new information on laws that are changing as we speak, as well as existing laws that I was not aware of or needed a refresher on.  It was worth every penny, and even had some humor mixed in with the educational information.  I would recommend that anyone involved in residential leasing take this course. –Grant Horn

You can’t afford to miss this opportunity as a property owner!  We are new to the landlord business with only two duplexes.  Attorney Pettit skillfully guides participants through the legalities of renting from screening to evictions. Rental forms are available to purchase and are conveniently packaged for small or large property owners.  Thank you!” – Cindy and David Steinert